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Little sister Madeline

Are you looking for help on your love life, future, business matters or family relationships? We can help.  Our psychics are real professional psychics, not someone reading from a script.  They do not try to keep you on the phone either to sell you something or to take your personal information for a mailing list.  We care about you and we're here to help.  Only $39.60 for a 10 minute reading.
Call us at

800.700.2732 (Credit Card Only)

469.575.9011 (If you are unable to call 800 number)

To see more predictions,

On our psychic service, we use the highest quality psychics who have passed extensive testing.

We do not tell you that you are getting a free reading.  You are not.  We charge $39.60 for a 10 minute reading. 

  • When you use your credit card, you are only charged for the time you actually talk with the psychic.  We do not charge you while personal information is gathered. 
  • Other lines tell you that you are getting a free reading when it is only the first few minutes while they are getting personal information or trying to sell you something. 
  • Always read the fine print. 
  • We have a Code of Ethics.

Our psychics do not try to keep you on the phone in order to run up your minutes and your bill. You should beware of those who do.

  • Our psychics receive no bonuses for running up your minutes or selling you something as some lines do.  Some also sell your personal information to other companies. We do not believe in that. 
  • As true psychics, we want to educate and inform you.  We want to be there for you when you need us.

Unlike some psychic lines, we are easily found if you need to contact us.  We do not try to hide.  You are able to find us on most every page and can contact us at either at 469-575-9000 or

  • Some disreputable companies call their psychic lines by many different names but are still the same old company with many names but the same business practices and ethics.  As some of our callers tell us, you may need to engage a professional detective in order to sort through the maze when you need to contact them.  You can get our customer service anytime.

We keep your information private.


Talk to the most accurate and caring psychics available for help with your love life, finances, business, family and more for only $4.76 per minute.
We're just a phone call away.
Call now!
800-700-2732 (billed to your credit card)  

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