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Little sister Madeline

Psychic Pet Page

Mysti, our furry child, wanted a psychic forum for all her animal friends.  She wanted me to teach humans everywhere that pets are psychic and have emotions too.

This page is dedicated to educating all of us about our animal family and friends. Not only are they psychic but they give us some of the best times we have while living in this world.

Medically speaking, they can lower our blood pressure and give us a reason to live.

From a purely loving stand point, they are our family as well as our friends.  They hold a place in our hearts no other can take.

You ask me if animals are capable of logical thought, of seeing beauty, of laughing in their own personal way and I'll answer, "Of course they are.  After all, we humans are only animals, though most don't want to remember they are."

I have watched animals make conscious decisions on a daily basis.  These animals were not just those who lived in my house but others as well.

Having seen their spirits, I know that they live on as we do after death.  As a matter of fact everything does, even those rocks we are so quick to throw at others.

A dog knowing when their family is coming home and waiting at the door, is a psychic event. Cats getting antsy before an earthquake is psychic.

My Muffin, while alive, used to ignore spirits in the house except for the one who walked about twelve feet off the floor in the foyer. This one got all her attention.

Mysti would like for you to share your stories, psychic and otherwise, about your animal friends so that we learn from everything that lives on this earth with us.  Even the funny stories are a learning event and sometimes can be the best experience.

If you have a good story or just want to tell us about your furry family and friends, please send it to us.

Da Juana

By sending information to us related to your experiences, permission is expressly granted to us to use the information in any form we choose, unless otherwise specified by you. You will remain anonymous unless you give us permission to use your name.  

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