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Little sister Madeline

Da Juana:

On our small ranch in Montana we have been blessed with the companionship of nine donkeys.  They have been an inspiration.  We have watched them give birth, endure all sorts of harsh weather and withstand pain during surgery.   All the while they stayed loving and calm as if to accept whatever fate dealt them. 

Due to our advancing years we have had to part with six of our beautiful little ones and as the horse trailer pulled away from us and we heard them braying it broke our hearts.  You see they had never been away from home before. 

Fortunately we had been able to find ideal homes for all of them.  Homes with children to love and they do love playing with children.  We can feel good about that. 

However, now I am left with the problem of trying to find a solution for our jennet who is very sick.  She had surgery a few months ago due to a large knot that mysteriously appeared on her muzzle.  It seemed to be interfering with her breathing.  The vet suggested boring into the knot.  They took out some nasty looking debris and upon testing did not find any signs of a malignancy.  However, the procedure did not cure her problem.  She is still laboring to breath and one nostril is useless now. She is eating.  Her weight is good but listening to her trying to gasp for air is breaking my heart.  The vet came yesterday and admitted that the only option seems to be putting her through another operation to do an exploration to find out if there is an obstruction i.e. tumor, etc.  Her heart and lungs are strong but I fear that in time she will suffocate if this problem is not solved. 

We have a psychic here in Kalispell that has the reputation of being able to talk to animals and I understand she has helped others.  Do you think I should pursue this?  I am at my wits end and I am reaching out for any help I can find for my beloved Rosie.  You sound as if you, too, are psychic and I am wondering if you can help me?  A reply will be most appreciated. 



Dear CK:

I am so sorry that your Rosie is having a hard time with her breathing.  Remember I am not a doctor but I see a chronic condition caused by her sinuses or stomach acid in some way.  It reminds me of a pouch that one gets in their intestines at times where the debris gets stuck and does not move out.  Please seek the help of a good Holistic Vet.  I think you might see some good results.

Please let me know.

Da Juana


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