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Little sister Madeline

Dear Da Juana:
I answered your Paranormal Survey yesterday, which I enjoyed doing, but there was one thing I meant to ask you and just remembered. Do animals exist in spirit form in the other world?  Specifically, will we see our much loved furry family members on that other side?

They are such loving beings with so much personality it's hard for me to imagine they would be left out of the equation but please don't give me a happy answer to satisfy me. Please just tell me what you sense or know.

Thanks so much. In God's love,

Dear VJS:
You have asked a very good question and to answer it with one word would not be adequate.  I will, however, use that one word, "Yes."  This is not to satisfy you or to make you feel better. 

The truth of the matter is that I have always seen animal ghosts.  They are a lot like they were when on the earth plane but, like human ghosts, they have a sense of where they are.  Not only do some keep the form they enjoyed on earth but they can also speak to us.  I know that may sound crazy, but it is true. 

Animals do have a voice.  The day I realized that they did was after my Muffin died.  I guess I had always taken her little voice for granted.  Considering myself to know what she was thinking, it never occurred to me that she was actually speaking.  She always had been.  I had just overlooked the fact that I was listening rather than reading her mind. 

About a month after she had died, her little spirit came running into the kitchen where I was cooking dinner.  My husband, Claude, was not expected home for some time. She said with happiness in her voice, "Daddy's home." 

"No, he's not.  It is not time for him yet," I answered before I realized she had spoken.  She was right.  He was home.  The garage door came up.  Standing there with tears in my eyes, I realized the melodious voice I had heard since she came to live with us was truly hers. 

Now some of you out there may be saying, "Boy, she's really gone over the top."  I assure you I have not.  There are no accidents and my precious Muffin, by dying, taught me so much more about life. 

In the first place, I did not even expect her to be there that day.  Even though I was glad to see her, I could not hold her and love her as I could when she was in the physical.  The good thing, though, is that I now have her back in the physical with me. Believing in reincarnation as I do, I know she is back.  That and other stories about her are in my upcoming book.

Yes, animals, who are our friends and even those who are not are on the other side.  What would the world be without those tiny furry entities.  Anything that is here is there, thank God.

Da Juana


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