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Little sister Madeline

Hello Mysti:
My name is Buster.  I was three years old July 26, 1999. I have a story to tell. 

I am a pedigree Shih Tzu who was sold by my breeder at one year old.  The people who bought me kept me for just four months.  Then, they dumped me with my two furry companions, a Scottie and an American Eskimo. 

My present master and mistress rescued me at the local vet's for fifteen dollars.  I am very loving.  My master is really super fond of me and my mistress takes me on walks after work.  I am doing fine, except I got so shook up by all the moving that I wee-wee in the house and sometimes do the other job too.  Even after having been neutered, I still think I should do it in the house.  My mother wants to know why it is that when I am told to go to my room, I trot right off to my "condo" in the guest room to bed, but I can not understand that I shouldn't do those things in the house?   I just don't get it!   Even puppy pads haven't stopped me.  My master and mistress are upset but they refuse to "dump" me.  What can I do? 


Dear Buster:

Boy am I glad you finally found a home that you can feel safe in even though you seem to wonder when you will be having to leave again.  Marking your territory is a sure sign of that, isn't it? 

Your present parents chose to adopt you because they loved and wanted you.  Buster, you are taking your sweet time in realizing that though. How far do you have to push to find out that they have true love for you? 

Enough of the grousing, I may have done the same thing when I was a younger gal but decided to quit when caught in the moment and mother or daddy said "No" quite loudly.  You know what else they did though.  They took me outside right then and watched until I did the deed and then started applauding loudly, with outbursts of "Way to go Mysti." Funny thing, within a few days, even the neighbors were applauding and telling me I did good.  Now, it really is an accident if the unthinkable happens because you know you are not supposed to potty where you live.

When you become more secure and perhaps your parents decide to get the neighbors involved as my parents did, then as smart as you are, you will learn that it is better to take a walk outdoors than to walk on the wild side. 

Good luck to you and yours. Let me know what happens.


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