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Little sister Madeline

Dear Mysti:

I just wanted you to know that I too am an animal lover and believer that animals show their feelings. I was reading the tribute to Muffin and it really touched my heart because I have a little Yorky named Smidget and he is so into me. When I get on to him for misbehaving, he pouts until I reaffirm that he is a good boy.  I feel that we really have a connection, and as far as reincarnation, I feel that my Great Dane Abby, who died a few years back, is in this little dog.

Abby used to snarl when she did something bad. She would stand at the window by the front door and snarl and you knew that she had done something she wasn't suppose to do. Smidget does the same thing. I often think that Abby is still around here. When she died my husband and I sobbed holding her blanket and collar in the parking lot at an all night emergency animal clinic.

When I read your stories, I understand exactly what you are talking about. When you talked about the unconditional love, it made me think of something that occured to me a few years ago. I thought of Abby and how she loved me unconditionally, no matter what mood I was in, and it occured to me that dog was God spelled backwards and I thought WOW!!!!! It gave me a whole different understanding of God than before.  That God is nearer to me than I thought and loves me no matter what, no questions asked. This was a start of a very spiritual journey and how God uses animals, especially birds, to connect with me.  But, that is another story.

I am very spiritual and  love to read my horoscope every morning.

Thanks for all you do.

Love and peace through Christ,


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