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Little sister Madeline

I had an incredibly psychic experience with one of my dogs several years ago in Toronto Canada.  I had a three-year-old dog by the name of Thoreau that was given to my boyfriend and I out on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. At that time neither of us were able to get near this very angry samoyed/collie mix. His master had traveled all over Canada with Thoreau as a puppy but when she had a child he turned so mean she had to give him away. She gave him to her Mother who was raising three teenagers and already had a family dog. They kept Thoreau in the basement and he got even angrier. We saved Thoreau from this environment and I think we held a special bond after that. It took awhile to get to know each other but he became the best dog I have ever had.  Riding subways, streetcars and buses with no leash.

After moving to the center of Toronto a couple of years later I would go down to Kensington Market each Saturday to shop for produce. This market was many blocks wide and had store fronts from all over the world. I didn't approve of taking Thoreau along because of the live animals and dead animals hanging outside of all the stores and the hundreds of scents permeating the air. I always was afraid he would get himself into trouble. Especially with the chickens and ducks whom were his archenemies. On this particular day I left Thoreau behind and a friend and I headed down to the market. First we walked several blocks, then we rode two different streetcars and two different subway cars to get there. After several hours of shopping we took a break in my favorite health food cafe for a quick lunch. While eating my dog strolled in and sat under my table very nonchalantly. I was stunned. All I could think of was that my boyfriend must have come down to meet me and brought Thoreau along. I looked up and down the block and then called the house. My boyfriend answered the phone and said the front door was open when he arrived. I can think of no other explanation as to how my dog found me among the blocks of scents he must have encountered. I do to this day believe we had a very psychic connection.


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