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Little sister Madeline

I have a pet name Teddy. He is 2yrs old. My brother gave him to me. I lost a pit bull back then. I was so sick over her. She was just 6months. But she knows when I was sick or tired. Now my new pet knows when I am not feeling good. He knows when it was time for me to take a nap before I had to get ready for work. He knows the sound of my car 2 blocks away. My mom says that is how she knows I am all most home. But I moved out and cannot have him with me. I left him with my mom.  She will let him out and he jumps the fence. When I go to see him all I have to do is whistle and he comes running. He stays right by my side all the time I am there. He acts like one of my kids. He is very protective about me. He will bite any one that tries to touch me, mean way or playful way. He does not know the difference between them. I talk to him like a kid.


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