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Little sister Madeline

Hello Ms. Byrd:

This story is about my dog, JJ.  JJ was half Labrador and half Irish Setter --- my best friend and companion when growing up!  He was pure black, with a small spot of white under his chin, the build of a Labrador w/the "feathers" of the Irish Setter. 

One afternoon, I was looking out of our front window and my mother was in the kitchen doing the dishes.  My dog, JJ was standing at the end of our yard, getting ready to cross the street.  JJ had a habit of looking up and down the street before he would cross.  Anyway, our cat was ready to dash across the road ....there was a car coming down the street much too fast at the same instant. Within a split second, JJ put out his paw (to stop our cat from crossing); picked her up in his mouth, and (with our cat hanging from his mouth) he looked up and down the street again. Once he was satisfied that there were no more cars coming, he let go of our cat and she dashed safely across the street.  If JJ hadn't stopped our cat in that instant, she would surely have been killed that day.

I ran to tell my mother what I had just seen, because it was so unbelievable.  My mother believed my story because she knew how intelligent our dog was.

I could tell you a hundred other stories of what JJ did, but this one was the most incredible.  He truly knew when I was upset, because he would come to comfort me, and he was always there when I needed a friend.  He lived to be 19 years old --- I still miss him!


He does sound truly remarkable and a hero in every sense of the word.

Da Juana 


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