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Little sister Madeline

At one time I had a dog-named Cocoa. He was the most adorable chocolate lab you had ever seen. He had only a half of a tail though for he got frostbite when he was little and the part that was frost bitten was removed. But one of the things that I remember most about him was the way that he was always loving and kind.

As he reached his old age, we thought he might have had arthritis. He would whine a lot when he would stand up and when we brought him to the doctor's that is what they said he had too. As the arthritis went on my mom got really worried. Up until this time there had been no x-rays, no examinations. When my mother demanded one it was discovered that he did not have arthritis. In fact he had a brain tumor that was slowly killing him.

We were told that if it was discovered sooner he would have lived about three more years, but since it was not there was nothing we could do. One evening as I sat crying in my bed, he looked at me. And even though in order to do it he had to put himself through so much pain he got up and walked over to me. Exhausted and whimpering he put his head in my lap and looked up at me. I cried more at that time for I knew that I had found a friend that could never be replaced. When he died I wrote a poem about him and his love. I entitled it "Companion Eyes."


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