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Little sister Madeline


I just wanted to tell you of the day my little man, arrived. 

My husband was away in Italy, when my daughter and I decided that we wanted a puppy. I wanted a German Shepard, and she wanted a Lab.

Well, a friend told me of a friend of a friend that had shepherd/lab puppies for free!  So, on the worst night of winter, I drove about 40 miles, in a blizzard, to pick up this puppy. It was very dark, on the back roads of Lebanon county, and of course the roads where terrible! (i.e., "Chance").

The name also comes from the fact that my husband said NO to a dog before he left for two weeks, to Italy! Also the movie homeward bound!  We just loved that movie. My cat even watched it. He sat right in front of the T.V. the whole time, I'm not kidding. Anyway with all that, "Chance," seemed very appropriate.         

Thanks for letting me share.  I don't know what I would do without my little man!


D. M C

Thank you for sharing,



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