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Little sister Madeline

My special dog's name is Holly and she, I do believe, a really an old soul.  This wonderful little Bichon frise picked me as her owner. 

I do not believe in purchasing puppies from a pet shop but while out shopping one morning ten years ago, I suddenly pulled into a pet shop, went in and this little white ball of fluff who was sound asleep jumped up and literally smiled at me.  I could hear her say, "You're my new Mother."

I asked the clerk about her and was told she just arrived from the airport and could not be seen until she was rested and bathed.  I couldn't get her off my mind all day and went back after dinner to see her with my husband who also incidentally had called that same pet shop earlier in the day asking if they had any Bichon puppies.  He wanted to get me one for Christmas. 

When we went into the store she was nowhere in sight and my spirits dropped thinking they had already sold her because she was so special.  We found out that they had moved her to another store in the next State.  It was getting late but we got on the highway and headed south to see this puppy.  As soon as we entered this other Pet Shop she got up excitedly barking at us.  I knew she was my dog from that moment on. 

The clerk asked if we wanted to see that puppy because she certainly wanted to see me.  She just wagged her tail and kissed me all over.  We of course, purchased her on the spot but had to leave her for a three-day quarantine.  She looked so forlorn.  A sign was placed on her cage saying she was going home.

Three days later when we entered the store she again was barking and jumping so much in her cage that they had to give her to us even before we completed the paper work. 

The clerk said that puppy was very quiet all the time and she couldn't understand why she got so excited when we came in. 

On the way home with her, I stopped at the nursing home to show her to my Dad and all the Residents fell in love with her.  It was early December and one of the Resident's stood in the hall and christened her Holly.  That is how she got her name.  Holly literally grew up in the nursing home.  She went every day with me to visit my Dad and all the Residents would take her on wheel chair rides.  I never had to housebreak her or scold her about anything.  It's as if she could read my mind and did anything I wanted her to do.  She was invaluable to me getting through my Dad's Alzheimer's and my Mom's congestive heart failure problems.  When I was upset and tired she would lick away my tears or get me to play ball with her.

Both my parents passed away five weeks apart and again Holly was my saving grace.  When cleaning out my Mom's dresser Holly was sitting on the bed with me and she looked over to my Mom's wigs on a table and whimpered as if to say she missed her too. We had a good cry together and then played some ball. 

Holly seemed a little depressed and lost without her daily trips to the nursing home and I read about a Pet Therapy program.  We checked it out and decided that we would become Pet Therapy Volunteers and that is what we have done together for the last eight years.  Holly is simply the best Pet Therapy dog I have encountered.  She knows who wants to see her and how she should approach each resident.  She is like a magnet to all kinds of people from infants to hundred year olds. 

Whenever Holly is by my side, people approach and smile.  She just exudes a warmth that cannot be matched.  I have expanded my Pet Therapy work to coordinate programs and work with other people and their pets but I cannot find another animal that does it as well as Holly. 

Unfortunately she has had to cut back on visits because of health problems the last year but I do believe she misses all of her friends and I hope to begin her visits on a limited basis again soon. 

Holly knows my every mood and I do believe she even understands everything I say to her.  She never takes her eyes off me.  I have even had people tell me that she is eerie because she seems to look right into a person's eyes and into their souls to communicate with them and know what they are thinking.  I love this dog and really do feel that she has been my special guardian angel these past ten years.  I know for sure that when her time on earth is over, she will truly become a heavenly angel.  I am very blessed and privileged to have owned this wonderful animal the past ten years and can't even imagine life without her.  She will never truly leave me.  I know her spirit will remain with me and she will be forever in my heart.  Holly has taught me so much especially about how to help people and spread love and happiness with a smile and a wag of a trail.

A dog like Holly only comes along once in our lives and I'm glad that I did pull into that Pet shop ten years ago to meet my special friend.  I still do not believe in buying Pet shop puppies and have never seen another dog like Holly at any Pet shop.  I do admit that I always look now just to see if I was dreaming or did she really pick me out and no other dog has ever smiled and talked to me again since Holly did.


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