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Little sister Madeline

I was watching TV one evening while my three or four-year-old son was playing.  He would tell me about what he was doing and I would respond, "OK" or "That's good, S." 

I was more interested in the news on TV.  One story was about some creep who broke into a house while the family was sleeping, picked up an infant and tried to sneak out with the child.  The infant awoke and cried.  The intruder dropped the baby and fled.  I was not even aware that my son had been paying attention. 

That night about 2:00 AM, I heard my son crying.  I sat down with him and asked what was wrong?  "What if someone steals me," he asked?

I knew why he was scared. S didn't wake up even when a tree fell on our house.  "S, who sleeps with you?"

"Thor," he replied. Thor was our eighty- five-pound German Shorthaired Pointer. 

"What would Thor do if somebody tried to steal you?"

He thought for several seconds then said, "Eat em." 

"OK, what are you worried about," I asked?

"Nothing," was his reply. He put his arms around Thor's neck and his head on his back. 

I stayed for a few minutes until he was asleep. 

The next morning I got up and went downstairs.  In the kitchen I opened the back door to let Thor out.  No Thor.  I called his name, still no dog.  I went upstairs and looked into S's room.  My son was fast asleep with his arms around Thor's neck. 

I called Thor's name and he picked up his head and wagged his tail, then he looked at S and put his head back down.  I guess he felt that S needed him more than he needed a potty break. 


"D," it appears that animals have more sympathy for us humans than we have for them.  How many people do you know who will lay there even though they have to go potty in order not to wake up someone they love? 

Thor sounds as if he has a big heart.  You are blessed.


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