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Little sister Madeline

Da Juana:
I hear you occasionally on the radio when I am listening to 97.1 in the mornings.  I heard you this morning.  You always sound so sweet spirited and pleasant.

I am e-mailing you today because I am feeling mournful right now over the loss of my sweet dog, Maggie Mae.  After reading a bit of your pet section this morning, I realize that Maggie Mae (and I've always realized she was special) has a special story. 

I always tell everyone that Maggie Mae adopted me, not the other way around.  It was late spring 1992.  I was in college then and home for the summer.   I had just got off work and had come home fairly late at night.  I got out of my car and was walking to the front door of my parent's house when this beautiful little dog came up to me. I sat down on the porch steps and talked to her.  She was so happy to have her face scratched, but she was very timid and shy.  I snuck in and got some water and food to give to her, hoping she wouldn't be gone when I came back out.  She was just so sweet, almost angelic looking.  She had a collar on but no information on it. 

The next morning she was still there.  I found it was a very, almost psychic connection from the very first.  She was sleeping in the bushes outside my bedroom window.  I was so excited to see her again!  She ended up hiding there in the bushes outside my window for about a week and a half before my parents caught us!  

They talked about taking her to the pound because they were afraid a car'd hit her.  We lived on a very busy street.  My boyfriend, who is now my husband, came over and I begged him to take her down the street and let her go in a safer area.  I was hoping she would go back to her home.  Surely a dog as sweet as her was being missed.  I cried as he drove away with her.  She was standing up in the window looking at me.

She came back!  I knew then that I wanted her!  I had wanted her before then, but I had already let her go and she came back to me.  I felt I was her home.

Well, my Dad fell in love her and put her in the backyard, much to my Mother's disapproval.  My Dad's defense was simply that it was her face.  He had fallen in love with her sweet face.  My Mom fell in love with her too.

I begged them to not make me take her to the pound. I couldn't bear the thought of her being put to sleep.  They agreed to let her stay in the back yard, but I had to put out flyers, etc to try to find her owner.  I agreed.

It became apparent after she was with me for a while that she had been abused.  Except for my Dad and my now husband she was very afraid of men and generally wouldn't go to anyone she didn't know.  This made me feel even more that we were meant to be together, otherwise she wouldn't have come up to me, a total stranger and trusted me so completely.  I think she must have been beaten a lot because anytime you moved your hands too quickly or in an upwards motion she would cower and whimper, not so much with me, but with others.

We never heard a response from anyone claiming her. My birthday is in early July and I told my parents that year not to get me anything because all I wanted was Maggie. They gave in because by that time she had stolen everyone's heart. 

My now husband and I took her to a park on the Forth of July for a picnic and to watch the fireworks.  She still didn't have a name at that time.  The song "Maggie Mae" by Rod Stewart came on and that was it.  Nothing else had suited her and when I asked her if she liked Maggie Mae, she wagged her tail and I knew that was her name!

She went off to college with me that year, and it was bliss.  We were together constantly when I wasn't in class.  She was such a blessing in my life.  We've been through a lot together since that night in June 1992.  She moved with me various times.  She went to San Antonio with me for Graduate school, then moved back to Arlington with me when I went into teaching.  Shortly after starting teaching, we lost my Cockatiel, Bono, to monoxide poisoning in the apartment we were living in.  The maintenance people didn't believe me that there was a problem until Bono died, and they didn't fight me on moving out and not fulfilling my lease requirements.

Maggie was devastated at losing her bird.  She would sit where the cage had been and cry. It broke my heart.  I missed Bono too. 

My now husband and I were engaged and agreed that we would get her a friend after we got married.  We got married in July and I went to the humane society in August and was blessed with Wylie Boy. 

I had gone in the wrong door and was in the drop off area rather than the adoption center.  A man had brought in two older puppies that had been strays.  Wylie was this scared little scruffy thing that was shaking like a leaf.  The man let me hold him and it was an instant bond.  He grabbed on to me with his paws and I was hooked. 

We were then told I couldn't have him right away because in order to go on the adoption list he had to be evaluated by the vet and we were told very frankly that he probably wouldn't be adoptable and would be euthanized that morning. 

The man was infuriated.  He went into the room where they had taken the two puppies and stole them back out of the quarantine cages.  He handed me Wylie and said, "If you want him, please take him." By this point I was crying.  I took Wylie home and never made it to the kennel area.

Maggie and Wylie weren't instant friends, but warmed up pretty quickly to each other.  I think another dog needing my affection hurt Maggie, but she soon understood what was going on and they became inseparable.  For four and a half years Wylie has been completely in love with Maggie. She hung the moon for him.  He has become a very loving, gentle, sweet dog who overflows with affection.

Maggie Mae was diagnosed with malignant lymphoma the week prior to Labor Day this year.  I had noticed a lump in her stomach and became alarmed because it seemed to appear overnight.  The vet put her on antibiotics, hoping it was an infection and that the medicine would clear it up. When she didn't get better after two weeks on antibiotics he very sadly told me the news.  (Dr. E is a wonderful doctor that has taken care of Maggie from the very first.  Maggie didn't like going to the doctor, but she liked Dr. E.  He always spoke to her first, and by telling her what was going on he's lets the humans know what is going on.  He's an angel!)  He told me that I would be lucky to have her with me in three months.

Maggie Mae fought very hard.  We took her and Wylie with us on numerous camping and rock climbing trips this fall and she loved it.  She couldn't get enough of the hiking and the swimming in the river.  I often had to pick her up and carry her for a while because she would wear herself out but she was always ready to get down and run again.

For about the first two months she was very "I'll do it myself, thank you!"  She didn't want me to help her in any way.  At three months she was still going strong.  She was still enjoying the camping, hiking, swimming and climbing.  She and Wylie were still playing and enjoying each other.  Then at about the beginning of December she started having problems.  The medications she was taking twice a day, had up to that point, kept everything at bay.  Even though her lymph nodes were slowly swelling she was still her spunky self. 

Dr. E was amazed at what a fighter she was.  But in early December she started having problems. The swelling got worse.  She started having a lot of accidents and she started digging out of the backyard so we couldn't keep her outside.  She went from being an indoor dog, to an outdoor dog (briefly) to having to stay in a large carrier.  It broke her heart, and mine too.  I would cry in the mornings when I had to put her in the carrier before I went to work.

That started an even quicker decline.  She started losing weight and I was having a hard time tempting her to even eat treats and meat, which made it difficult to give her medicine.  Then she started having trouble walking and breathing at night.  I think most of the breathing difficulty came from the fact that she was hurting, but she knew when she whimpered it made me cry, so she tried her hardest to not cry.

I was having a lot of sleepless nights at that point. On the night of December 7th I had decided to take her in to Dr. E in the morning.  I felt like she was ready.  I slept on the floor with her that night, but that morning when I awoke she was all snuggled up to me and was wagging her tail and I just couldn't do it. It was like she was telling me "a little longer, Mom."

That night she slept all right, probably from exhaustion. The following night was horrible. She was hurting and breathing hard. She didn't want to be touched and she couldn't get comfortable.  I had to carry her out to use the restroom because she just couldn't do it.  That had been the first time I had to carry her outside.  I decided that the next morning was it.  I couldn't let her suffer like this.

I curled up on the floor next to her that night.  My husband had to sleep in another room because she was breathing so loudly. 

For about an hour and a half I lay there and talked to her about all the things we had done and seen together.  We talked about how we had met.  I sang songs to her and stroked her little angel face.  Her breathing slowly calmed and she was able to relax and we both feel asleep.  The next morning I carried her outside and back in.  I didn't want to give her any meds that morning, so I just rattled the bottles and acted like I was sneaking her meds into the lunchmeat and cheese. She happily ate it.  I gave her a few of her favorite color of milk bones, red. She would always take the red ones. You could hold out several different dog bones and she'd always take the red ones.

 Then she had an accident on the floor.  It was a really bad one and she was so sad and embarrassed.  As I cleaned it up, she just sat next to me and looked at me like "I'm so sorry Mommie!"  I kissed her and told her it was all right, we all have accidents. Then I had to give her a bath to clean her up because she had gotten herself pretty messy.  She, of course, loved to be dried off, so I took extra long to dry her off and love on her. 

Then when we were finished she started to go into the bedroom as she always does, and I asked her if she wanted to put her necklace back on.  We always called her collar her necklace and I always made a big deal of putting it back on her, telling her how beautiful it was on her.  It was the same collar that I had gotten her when she first came to me.  It's now brown.  It used to be red, but I just couldn't bring myself to get her another one. She liked that one so much.  She wagged her tail and just relished the moment of me sliding it back on over her head and ears.

My husband went with me to take her in because I wasn't sure how I was going to handle this or if I'd be able to drive afterwards. S was so sweet to go with me.  He loved Maggie Mae dearly too.  She'd been with us through four years of dating and four and a half years of marriage.  Maybe she was our cupid.  We even asked her if she wanted to be a "S" after we got married and she went from Maggie Mae M to Maggie Mae S.

Dr. E was sad to see us there, but looking at her he understood it was time.  Maggie was so sweet and patient.  She was scared but very brave. 

Dr. E explained to her what he was about to do and she just looked at him.  He said it would be very quick. 

He tried a couple of different times in both front legs and in both back legs to find a vein and just couldn't.  In the last couple of days her swelling had gotten bad enough that her veins had receded and she wasn't getting good circulation to her legs, thus her difficulty walking and her sudden onset of pain. She was starting to pull her paws away from Dr. E, so he decided he would put her to sleep before giving her the injection.  He was very obviously upset because he was having a hard time and felt he was hurting her.  He gave her an injection in her back hip and she yelped and jumped into my arms and wrapped her paws around my neck.

I loved on her and kissed her and told her over and over again "I love you, Maggie Mae."  She put her little head on my shoulder and fell asleep.  Dr. E had to leave the room. 

I think he was very upset.  When he came back she was just barely conscious.  I laid her gently back on the table and as I laid her head down she looked at me and blinked one last time.  He was able to find a vein pretty quickly then and asked me if I was ready.  I put my cheek on hers and held her in my arms with my left hand on her chest as he injected her.  I was so scared.  I kept whispering in her ear that I loved her and the last thing I told her was that I would see her again in heaven.  I love you Maggie Mae. 

It only took about fifteen seconds.  I could feel her heart slowing as he injected her.  Then, it stopped.  It was so surreal the feeling I had at that moment.  I know it sounds weird, but I felt privileged to be with her at that one moment in time.  I had a very calming feeling come over me, and it was very confusing.  I felt sad, but inappropriately happy at the same time. 

A friend who raises tigers once explained that feeling to me when she had lost a tiger very close to her.  She had held him as he went to sleep too.  She was expecting severe grief, instead she had this odd feeling the moment his heart stopped, that he had swept through her and into her heart, and she felt very peaceful, nothing like she had expected.  She said she still cried occasionally, but never went into a depression like she expected. 

That's how I felt.  A total calming, a very loving warm feeling like a gentle breeze moving through me.  I was crying, but it felt like Maggie was telling me she loved me too and that everything was all right, that she was happy.  My husband and I stood there for a few minutes holding each other and crying and saying goodbye to her.  Then I asked her if I could keep her necklace with me and we left. 

I am sad because I miss her.  I ache for her.  Wylie Boy has been very overly affectionate since December 10th, which I don't mind at all, but he still cries.  He misses her deeply.  I keep hoping to see her in my dreams.  I keep hoping she'll visit me, but I haven't seen her yet.  Do you think she will visit me?  Do you think she is happy now?

My husband and I are going to wait a while to get another dog, but we feel Wylie needs a companion.  He's never been an "only child".  I am wondering if I should wait for another angel to be sent to me, because I truly always felt Maggie Mae was sent to me, that she was a blessing brought into my life and given to me to love.  I always called her my angel puppy.

Do you think we should wait?  Do you think another angel will be sent to us? Do you think Maggie Mae might come back to me again?  I am having very mixed emotions about getting another dog, even if we wait for a few months.  Maggie Mae was just so special and I don't want to feel like I am trying to replace her because I can't.  Do you have any insight into what we should do?  Do you feel Maggie's spirit is still with me or is she in heaven playing?

Please do not use my name if you use my story. Thank you!

I am so sorry about Maggie Mae.  I will be answering your questions on the pet story part of our website.  Thanks for sharing your story.  I sat and wept for you and for all of us who have lost pets in the physical. 

Let me tell you this though, I do believe in reincarnation.  Mysti is returned from my loving Muffin.  Whether you believe or not is no big deal but the point I want to make is your Maggie Mae is going to find you again.  This does not mean you can't look for her but she will find you again if you would like.  I thought I would let you know this before you read the page.  This dog may not look or even act like Maggie Mae but you will recognize the spirit.

People we hardly knew sent condolence cards when Muffin died.  She had made so many friends in her short life. 

Love Wylie and talk with him about Maggie Mae.  He needs it and he knows what happened to her. The reason she was digging out was because she didn't want you to watch her die hard.  She loved you so much.

If you need to talk, I'm here.
da juana

Da Juana, thank you so much for answering my e-mail. I really appreciate it.  I was talking to Maggie on my way home last night about us wanting to get another friend for Wylie and I asked her to help me find the right one.  I know to some people that may sound nuts, but I think she will.

I've noticed Wylie has been dreaming a lot more lately than before and I honestly believe Maggie may be talking to him in his dreams. I talk to him about her a lot so he can share with me.  We usually just sit together and snuggle.  He's such a good boy. 

We talked to him last night about finding him a new friend and asked him if he would like a new friend.  He wagged his tail and got really excited.  I can tell by the way he reacts to her name that he misses Maggie very much....we all do, but I think he wants a new friend too.  I just don't want to be too hasty about getting another dog, I want to go with my feelings, which will be hard for me because I tend to fall in love with all animals!!!!  If it were up to me I'd have animals all over the place, and most of them would be once-homeless animals full of love. 

Thank you again for your kind words.  They have helped confirm my feelings.  One thing I told Maggie last night was that even though I can never "replace" her that I felt like I could honor what she meant to me by continuing to leave my heart open to other creatures out there who need a home and someone to love them.  I can't think of any better way to say "thank you" to her for everything she meant to me.

When you said that it felt as if the spirit of Maggie Mae went through you in a loving, calming manner, you were not wrong.  You did actually know when she died because you felt her crossing over. 

You are very psychic yourself and seem to use this ability with animals.  This same ability can be utilized with humans too. 

Maggie Mae is coming to Wylie in his dreams.  She will let you smell her.  There was a special odor she liked.  When you smell it, then you may sense her presence too just as you did when she left the body.

You are right to leave your heart open to love. There is not enough of it in this world.

Your husband will probably see her in the room on the left of the front door.  He will think he saw something but not be sure.  This is she.  Ask him to let you know when this happens.

Please keep me informed.
Da Juana


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