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Little sister Madeline

Da Juana,

My dog, which does not think he is a dog, is a Boston Terrier that I inherited from my best friend.  She died about eighteen months ago.  She was my roommate, also, so I have been with Sam since his puppy hood.

I was not aware of it at the time but he used to sleep on my belly.  I did not know that dogs could hear a baby's heartbeat.  I was four months pregnant when we got Sam.  My son, now two years old, used to kick Sam.  Sometimes he kicked him really hard. 

When my son, D, was born by C-section, Sam immediately bonded with him.  I still can't take my son away from home without Sam standing in the window crying.  Usually I take him with us.  Sam is a really big part of our family.  He even sleeps with my son and me. 

Crazy as it may sound, I firmly believe that Sam bonded with D in utero.  He answers every cry my son makes before I can get to him (my son).  I am a disabled person, so it takes me longer to reach my son than it usually takes other moms.  When I brought my son home, Sam had to get a "kiss" (lick) off D's head.  I was wondering if bonding in utero between an animal and human baby were really possible.  I realize you probably can't answer this, but I had to ask. 

Sam will be three years old on Dec. 26th.  He has his own stocking with his name in glitter on it for Christmas.  He is more than a beloved pet.  He seems more like my brother.  Happy Christmas and birthday to my Sam, who is more loyal than any friend I have. 

Thank you for reading my letter.  It meant a lot to tell someone who doesn't know Sam about his story.  I am enclosing a picture of Sam as a pup along with my departed Rottweiler, Hoss.  I thought of him as a son.  God rest his soul.

I hope you do not mind viewing the picture, as it would mean a lot to me.  Also, my elderly grandmother just passed away the first of December. 

Sam goes to her bedroom and cries a lot, several times a day. I think he can sense her presence, as I have many times since her passing. 

Pets are the greatest thing the modern world has ever accepted for I would not know what to do, in many instances, without my beloved Sam and the love he so graciously bestows upon me. 

Feel free to share this email and the picture with others, especially those who are unlucky enough to not believe in the power of animal love.

Thank you again,


Thanks for sharing this loving story with us.  Yes Sam could bond with your son in utero just as you did.  I am sorry about your grandmother.  Just as with your son, Sam can sense and see your grandmother too.
Da Juana


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