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Little sister Madeline

Dear Mysti:

I was so happy & surprised to see a response from you. I can tell you a little bit about Baby & my relationship with him. He is (I feel like I'm supposed to say "was") but that's not true..he IS a kindred spirit, always will be.

When I was a little girl I was never allowed to have pets but I remember thinking that when I grow up I'm going to have a white cat.  Well... I ended up with 3 white cats (that's another story) But I did end up with Baby back in 1990 & I got the job I wanted that year too.  I've had both until now.

I think my hardest times are driving home from work, because I used to so look forward to seeing him (I'm sorry, J (my fiance), in case he reads this, but that is what would make me feel better the minute I walked through the door.  All of my problems would just somehow melt away looking into his eyes.

When we got him as a kitten we had taken him from his "mother" too soon & he still needed to "nurse". So I soon decided to put him up next to my ear & he just sucked away. He of course didn't get anything but it made him feel more cozy. Well, 20 lbs later & 14 1/2 yrs later, he was still doing it.

His other favorite past time was food. I'm not talking cat food.  That boy wanted anything you were eating & he'd even beg for it (Da Juana, if he does come back in a different form, I bet it would be a white dog). I would take any form of course but that wouldn't surprise me.  You are very lucky that has happened for you. I could go on & on. There is so much more to tell, so I must force myself to say...
In conclusion ~
He is the best friend I will ever have & the most honest & beautiful love I will ever experience.


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