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Little sister Madeline


Five years ago, I found my cat Sabrina half dead on my doorstep.  I immediately took her to the vet and they found that she was bit by an animal and had to remove the skin that was dying from her leg and under her belly. 

When I was able to see her, they told me to sit down and they brought her to me in a towel.  She had 3 drain tubes in her and her skin was gone and all you could see was raw muscle.  I started to cry and I asked if she was going to be OK.  She then caught pneumonia and was at the vet for 6 weeks. I visited her every day for 2 hours a day.  They would bring her to me in a towel and I would sit in the lobby and just hold her in my arms while she slept.  They assured me that her skin would grow back. 

Nine months later, after giving her 3 antibiotics a day and having to use a water pick on her wounds, her skin hadn't grown a bit. The vet said there was nothing they could do for her and recommended that I take her to Texas A&M University because they had a wonderful veterinarian program. 

For the next year I drove her the 2-hour trip and sometimes would have to leave her there for months a time.  I missed her terribly but the students and teachers that worked on her fell in love with her and called me every day with updates on her progress.  She had 5 skin graphs in that year. 

I finally got my last phone call to say that it was time for Sabrina to come home.  I went to pick her up and the teachers and all the students that had worked greeted me on her.  They brought Sabrina into the room and she ran into my arms and I started to cry.  I was grateful that she remembered me. 

Being an unemployed college student myself, I was dreading the vet bill.  I pulled out my credit card and the receptionist behind the counter said to me, "There will be no charge."  I was shocked.  The school receives donations and they used the donations to cover the year of expenses that my cat incurred.  They all became so attached to my cat and knew I was a student and they all wanted to do something special for Sabrina and me.  I was so grateful because I still was paying off the thousands of dollars she accrued the year before we were referred to A&M.

I would do anything for Sabrina as she would for me. She has repayed my love for her in so many ways.  Three years ago I was diagnosed with a chronic illness and was unable to work for a period of time.  Sabrina knows when I am sick and she will come and lay on my chest and sleep with me. 

This may sound stupid but it is like she is repaying me for everything I did for her.  It's like she can read my thoughts and she comes to comfort me.  She is a very special cat and I am very lucky to have her.  We are very lucky to have Texas A&M University.  They have saved many animals that have had no hope.  They truly do have a wonderful program.


K and Sabrina from Austin, Texas

A & M is truly a wonderful school.  It is good to know that they are able to do what they do especially for people such as you and your beloved Sabrina.

Da Juana


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