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Little sister Madeline

Sheba was a one-year old calico cat whose parents were wild and who came to us when she was about two months old.  One cold winter evening she was at our door; she just sat there looking inside, shivering.  We took her in and treated her for her illness and she soon recovered. 

When she was about three months of age, she failed to return home.  During the next several weeks, I saw her often in the neighborhood, frightened and hungry, but she was so filled with fear that she wouldn't come near me.  It was winter and many nights were below freezing - still, somehow she survived.

A few months later, I saw her under a neighbor's house.  I contacted him and he told me he had been feeding her.  I told him Sheba was my kitten and he trapped her for me.  So she was home once again.

Sheba grew up to be the most unusual pet I had ever had.  She would take my hand in her two front paws and rub her face against it, then "kiss" me.  She adored the other household pets but teased them unmercifully. Initially they tolerated her but eventually they came to love her as much as I did. 

Sheba was afraid at night and would curl up at the foot of my bed but during the day she was bold and fearless, and she continued to roam the neighborhood.

One night when she was a year old, she failed to return home.  I propped the back door open for her and went to bed.  Some time during the night I was awakened by her squeaky meow and I "saw" her running through the back door and into my bedroom.  I got up and closed the door, thinking she was home.

The next morning I found her body on the driveway.  She had been dead several hours.  I then knew I'd seen her astral form enter the house and that she had come to tell us goodbye. 

By the way, the dog protected her and many times would come and get me when Sheba was being chased by other cats or when she had gotten herself into some other form of trouble and couldn't get out of it without help. 

Also, we have a 10-year old calico cat who was very territorial when Sheba first joined us but eventually this cat both mothered her and played with her like a kitten.

We miss Sheba and we will grieve for her for a long time.



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