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Little sister Madeline

When I first moved to New York city, I knew no one.  After finding a job and residence, I knew it was time for me to get a pet, preferably a cat.  I knew that there would be no way to walk a dog every day and it would make me feel sad to leave a puppy dog alone for the whole day while I was gone.

I went to bide-a-wee, an adoption agency for pets.  I went there with an open mind, not exactly knowing what I had in mind.  When I went in to the kennel where the kitties were, I noticed that most were sleeping.  There were Persians, there were Siamese and many other well-bred kitties.  However, I went through the door and decided to walk all the way through before making my decision.  As I was doing this, I could hear clanking sounds from the other side of the room.  As all these beautiful kitties were sleeping and as I was nearing the end of the walk around the kennel, my kitties were the ones who were awake and obviously picking me.

They are two domestic cats, black and white, twins, with pink noses and the best friends I have ever had.  Fanny and Alexandra are their names.  They were already named when I got them at the age of six weeks, so I believe that their previous family was good people.  Their names fit them well.  Of course, at this point, I call them Fan and Alex.

They are extremely in love with me as I am with them.  I am an actress in New York and don't spend much time going out, other than promoting myself, but they are waiting for me at the door every night.  I have to walk up several flights of stairs and they know my footsteps.  When my mother calls Fanny runs into the room and jumps in my lap while I talk with her.  When my boyfriend calls, Alexandra jumps in my lap.  They know by the tone of my voice who it is.

They are the best friends that I have ever had and I believe that everyone in this world should commit to owning a pet.  They truly are the only people that will ever understand you.



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