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Little sister Madeline


In various places that I have lived throughout my life, I've always lived with animals.  When I was a child, my grandparents lived in a lakeside property. It had some history.  We knew most of it, we knew that the Catholic church owned it at one time, and that a priest lived there who was corrupt. Some of us saw things there that defied explanation, but the most profound evidence was the reactions of the animals that lived with us. 

One time I was holding our cat in my arms.  His front paws were over my shoulder and his hind legs were balanced on my arms.  I stepped out onto the porch as I was cuddling him.  This was not unusual for me to do with him.  As soon as my feet touched the porch floor, he screamed, ran down my back and jumped up on the porch wall, ran to the joining porch wall, to the next joining porch wall, to the floor and past my feet out of the porch and out of sight.  I didn't see him for hours. 

There was a cabin on the property that as kids we played in.  The dog would beg to be let in to be with us.  Once he came inside, he didn't ever want to stay.  He would stand at the door and howl to be let out.  Then once we let him out he didn't want to come in again.

Later as an adult I moved into a house that was made into an apartment building.  I lived in the top floor.  My cat used to hiss suddenly at things that weren't there, my parrot snapped at the air as if there was a finger there teasing her.  I saw people in the corner of my eye, and had bad dreams of strange people attacking me in my apartment, mocking bad things that were happening in my life at the time.  My cats would look over my shoulder intently when sitting on my lap and their eyes would move as if following someone walking behind me.  I knew there was not supposed to be anyone there because I was alone in the apartment.

Now I live in a different building, and I see my cats playing with something that I can't see on the floor.  They have no fear of it.  Sometimes they are watching things that I can't see on the ceiling or high on the wall.  Once I was busy on the computer and I could hear something sweeping over the carpet like a foot sweeping. My cat was playing with it.  When I realized that I was hearing a noise that I wasn't making I looked down and it stopped suddenly.  The cat looked up at me and lost interest in whatever it was playing with.  Her paws were grabbing at something on the floor that I couldn't see when I looked down.

That's about all the spooky things that I've seen animals do.  :)



That is only a little more proof that animals can see better than us.

Da Juana


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