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Little sister Madeline

Hi Ms. Byrd,
I just wanted to share a touching story about my unique experiences and recent discoveries I have made since I have adopted a ten-week-old dove who is now full grown.  Her name is Anastasia and a six-week-old Persian cat name Infinity who is also full grown.

Since I have lived with these animals for three years, I have some interesting observations that may conclude that animals may in fact have gifted abilities and emotional feelings that are frequently disregarded by our society.

There was one occasion when I was contemplating whether to release Anastasia to be with her own species.  However, when I attempted to let Anastasia fly away, she simply refused to move. Then I tried another strategy, by placing Anastasia on top of the fence in a special birdbath.  When I returned in three hours, Anastasia was sitting by the back door waiting to get inside.  I just couldn't believe that a small dove could be so perceptive and so committed to our relationship.

Since that time, Anastasia uses various sound tones to communicate with us. I was always amazed how she could predict human emotion such as anger and laughter.  Did you know that doves have a distant sound when they laugh?   It is absolutely hilarious, especially when you laugh. Sometimes I think Anastasia thinks she's human. 

Also, Anastasia becomes extremely agitated when she senses a dramatic change in weather, which may be more instinctual than psychic.

In regards to Infinity, I constantly mystified by her perceptions and judgments regarding human behavior and demands. Did you know that Infinity cried for three days when we were on vacation? We almost had to end our trip because Infinity was experiencing separation anxieties, with similar symptoms to a child's behavior.

Infinity always jumped on the bed a half hour before I got up.  She could predict when someone was coming to the house even without my knowledge within twenty minutes of their arrival.

I believe you described this as telepathy in animals. And yes, there were occasions when Infinity would identify spiritual entities in the house, with no explanation, such as meowing for hours in a certain part of the house, or anxiously running around in a room and making circular movements with her head.

Clearly, both Infinity's and Anastasia's level of sensitivity to their surroundings is extraordinary and I certainly would recommend any individual to have a cat or bird for house safety and for spiritual protection.


"J," we would all be interested in knowing how Infinity and Anastasia react to one another.  Our animal family truly does become in tune with us on a telepathic level. Just as they are our family, we are theirs and they know the true meaning of family. 

They can become bored, upset and even laugh just as we humans do.  We even have cows that baby sit for one another.  I know that sounds different but ask any rancher, if they notice their cows, then they can substantiate this statement. 


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