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Personalized Reading

A person's birthday is a special day that only comes once a year.  Make that day really memorable by giving the unusual gift of a special psychic reading, personalized astrology or both.

In order to celebrate that special day, we would like to make your shopping a pleasure rather than a chore.  You fill out the form and we will handle the rest.

Give the gift of sight into the future by a caring, loving, psychic counselor or personalized astrology that could include his or her custom made daily horoscope. 

You can send your special greeting with this gift by phone, mail or email.

Get your order in early, so that we may deliver your gift on time for the holidays. 

The psychic reading can be done at the recipient's convenience. Your gift recipient will receive a toll free number to schedule their reading. This number will be included in the greetings you have us send.

Gift Certificates for readings are priced as follows:              

Ten Minute Reading  

$ 40.00

Fifteen Minute Reading

$ 60.00

Twenty Minute Reading

$ 80.00

Twenty-Five Minute Reading


For a reading, choose either the Secure Shopping Cart or the Order Form for Fax or Mail.

Personalized Astrology

Finding information about your life in advance is not only fun but informative.  With your own personal astrological map, you can get help in making life's important decisions.

When someone asks what sign you are, the answer you give, such as Leo, Libra, etc., is your sun sign. Most daily forecasts are normally based on sun sign astrology. It does not get into every detail of your life as a personalized horoscope will. 

Strengths and challenges in your life are shown in your own personalized astrology.  If you have a special relative, friend, employer or lover about whom you want to know more, astrology can show you how the two of you relate to each other on an intimate level.

Using your date, time and place of birth, astrology finds pertinent information about your life. Your moon is your secret self.  The ascendant is how others perceive you.  Your solar (sun) sign reveals how you live your life. The three of these signs together with other indications give you the basis of your life from the time you were born until you die.

To find a person's personalized horoscope, we use your sun, moon, ascendant and position of planets at the date and time of your birth.





Natal Wheel



The natal wheel is your personal map of the heavens at the time of your birth. It gives your sun, moon, ascendant, planets, houses and other related material to assist you with living your life.  All your astrology comes from your natal chart.




The Guide to your Life - Astrotalk



Let the stars tell you about your life. This guide to your life starts at your birth and progresses on into your adulthood giving you special insights into love, career, relationships, how to deal with others and what you think of yourself. Find out how to make your life better with remarkable insights into your abilities and talents.







Timeline, your Daily Horoscopes



six months



one year



Predictions on a daily basis help you to deal with life, it's little joys and snafu's. Love, money, and well being are all right in front of you so that you can see what your day will be like. These amazingly accurate predictions are tailored exclusively for you.







Friends Compatibility



for two persons



Is this friend going to stab me in the back or will they be a driving force in my life, someone to whom I can go at any time and trust with my life? Answering questions as to why the two of you are completely in sync with one another or can't stand to be in the same room with each other is what astrology does for you here. Find out why you and your mother have the relationship you do. Why is your boss acting the way he is? Get your answers from the stars.










for two persons



Is this the love of your life, your soul mate or just another fling? How will your lover react to some of those little eccentricities you may have? Will you fall into each other's arms or fight miserably? Not only analyzing you what you love and hate about each other, it takes you one step further into the understanding each other. It is a must for anyone in love.







For astrology, choose either the Secure Shopping Cart or the Order Form for Fax or Mail.


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